Our in-house corset bone making capability provides great flexibility to produce custom sizes tailored to meet virtually any requirement.

GothicXo understands how important spiral bones stands for corsets and its functionality are to authentic steel boned corsets. Because of this, we have implemented our own in-house Bone Manufacurting & Quality Control Department to ensure every bones are handcut with excellence.

Spiral Steel Bones:

All our corsets have Spiral steel boned evenly distributed in all panels. Spiral bones helps in keeping corset flexible for body movement and support.All our bones are manufactured in-house, each bones are cut and hand finished.

Material and Specification :

  • Material - Spring Steel ( Grade-II )
  • Wire thickness : 1mm
  • Width : 6 mm

Flat Steel Bones:

All our corsets have 4 Flat steel bones at back panel, this is called lacing bones.These are just beside each end of lacing grommet. Flat bone gives good back support and keeps lacing area intact.

Material and Specification :

  • Material - Carbon Steel
  • Wire thickness : 0.6mm
  • Width : 8 mm