Corsets vs Waist Cinchers

People often get confused between a waist cincher and a corset. Broadly speaking, they are used for the same purpose of correcting the body shape, but they aren’t the same at all. There is a considerable difference between the two.

The garments that help in shaping your abdomen area are called waist cincher or latex waist trainer. A cincher is worn under your clothes like undergarments and creates a slimming effect and might shed off an inch or two from your abdomen. In contrary to that, corsets create an hourglass shape and might result in shedding 3-4 inches off your waist. It can be worn both under and over your garments.

Here are a few differences based on some basic principles. Reading it further would give you a clarity in understanding the differences between the two.

Steel Boned Corsets


Cotton / Satin / Leather / Brocade

Avg. Inched off your waist

3 to 6 inches


Steel Busk in Front , Spiral & Steel Bones, Lace at Back


  • Hourglass Shape
  • Tightlacing
  • Breathable
  • Back Support
  • Lasts a Life


  • More Expensive
  • Time Comsuming to lace


Waist Trainer / Cincher


Nylon / Latex / Spandex


1 to 2 inches


" Eye & Hook " Closure / Plastic Bones


  • Can wear while working out
  • Less bulky
  • Easy to put on



  • Not Breathable
  • Less Sturdy/Won't last long
  • Can't tighten / No laces
  • Less Style Option
  • Latex can cause skin rashes

Construction: Steel boned corsets are made of strong and flexible fabric like cotton, satin, leather, and mesh. The corsets are instilled with flexible rods, which helps in accentuating your hip and bustline curves. Whereas, waist cinchers are usually a combination of fabrics like nylon and latex or Spandex instilled with plastic or steel boning. Cinchers help in managing cellulite around the tummy, but do not contribute to developing hourglass curves like a corset with steel bones.

Tightening a cincher or a corset : Corsets reshape the body with the help of lacing. The laces can be tightened and adjusted as per your body type. However, cinchers are tightened and fastened by hooks. They cannot help in drastic reduction of fat around your waist but only make a minimalistic difference. The magnitude of variation upon which a cincher can be tightened depends on the number of hooks present in the cincher.

Styles: Both corsets and cinchers come in a huge variety of colors and styles. Corsets can be both underbust or overbust. Further, they come in various types with sharp and mild curves. One can select it as per their body type. Similarly, cinchers too come in different styles depending on its coverage area. From simple waist trainers to bodysuits and body briefs, you can choose your preferred style.

Effective waist training: If your purpose solely relies on waist training, then corsets are the only choice. Cinchers might show temporary results making you look thinner for once. However, corsets help you in attaining long term objectives. It gives your body an hourglass shape. Corsets correct your figure gradually and tend to make it more of a natural process.
Corsets and cinchers are of different nature when spoken in context of certain things. First and foremost, the major purpose of cinchers is to make you look slimmer, and they are to be worn under clothes. In contrary, corsets are bulky; they might or might not hide under your clothes. The purpose of corsets is to develop a shape. Cinchers can be easily worn while sleeping and exercising, as opposed to corsets, which should be avoided while exercising and sleeping.