Waist Training 101

All You Need to Know About Corset Use

An hourglass figure defined by a slender waistline; has been a standard of beauty for centuries and can be traced back to the Victorian Era. Yes, we do live in era of political correctness in which body positivity has become a major talking point. However, the desire for body transformation to meet ideals of beauty and attractiveness has not dissipated. This is primarily because; we as humans are hardwired to aspire for more.

Our well-developed sense of aesthetics is both a source of inspiration and aspiration when striving towards bettering ourselves in the physical sense. It is this innate desire for finer aesthetics that fuels the demand for cosmetic enhancements, cosmetic surgery and body correction techniques like waist training with the help of corsets. It is fair to say that the use of corsets for waist training went off the radar for a while. However; it is back in a big way with major celebs like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Kylie Jenner sporting hourglass figures that are source of envy and cosmetic inspiration.

The hourglass figure trend has driven the demand for waist training with corsets and it is only fair that there should be a comprehensive source of information on waist training and corset use. Bearing this in mind; this article aims to provide the reader with all the information needed on waist training with corsets. Read further to know more.

The Purchase

Proper waist training starts from the point at which you purchase a corset or a waist trainer. The emphasis should be on making a purchase that truly fits you. Buying a waist trainer that is a few sizes too small is hazardous and will definitely not achieve quicker waist training. It is also important to understand that there are variations of style and form as far as corsets go; these variations are intended to suit a variety of body types and you are best served by a waist trainer that matches your body type.

Liner Use

Liner use is important when wearing a corset. A liner covers your bare skin; over which you wear your corset. This is important for multiple reasons. You do not want your dry-clean only corset to get sullied by body oils and flaky skin. Additionally; you do not want the corset to have an abrasive effect on your bare skin. The liner protects both your skin and your corset.

Corset Seasoning

Understanding the concept of corset seasoning is very important for waist training and proper corset use. As such; it is important to gradually tighten a corset with regular use and start at a point at which the corset is simply snugly fitted and not too tight or constricting. Both your body and the corset will mold each other to achieve that perfect hourglass shape as you continue corset use and gradually tighten your corset.

In conclusion; it is important to understand that these are the fundamentals of waist training and corset use that cannot be ignored. Additionally; corset use should be supplemented by a healthy weight loss or weight control diet and regulars breaks; wherein you take off your corset for a while.